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NEW YORK (AP) — If the drama unfolding in the Lower Manhattan courthouses, where a grand jury is considering possible indictments against former President Donald Trump, wasn’t enough, there will be something outside this weekend too — the shooting to some film scenes.

Signs were posted around buildings on Center Street this week saying no parking and certain streets would be closed Saturday and Sunday for filming related to a Warner Bros. movie called Juliet.

On Friday, tents were erected along the road and cranes were erected for film equipment.

The area had already become something of a media circus awaiting the outcome of a grand jury investigation into hush money paid on Trump’s behalf in 2016.

Neither Warner Bros. nor the city office overseeing the shooting would comment on the details of the planned shooting. The mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment said it is working with the New York City Police Department on public safety issues.

It was widely reported that “Juliet” was the working title for the movie sequel “Joker,” a 2019 film directed by Todd Phillips and starring the likes of Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro.

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