Georgia lawmakers focus on public health measures

ATLANTA (WSAV) — The final days under the Gold Dome have lawmakers focused on public health.

Democratic lawmakers say expanding Medicaid would help bring in federal dollars to expand access.

“Whether it’s like diabetes or specific chronic conditions, I think we need a full Medicaid expansion and now GA is one of only 11 states in the country that has chosen not to fully expand Medicaid,” said State Representative Anne Allen Westbrook (D-Savannah). ).

State Rep. Lynn Gladney (D-Augusta), “Especially at this time, we are concerned about the unfolding of Medicare and those who are currently eligible that they make and return and make re-eligibility to maintain benefits and services right now. ”

Republican lawmakers say we need to hire more nurses and doctors to provide services given the staffing shortages.

“We are ready to do that in the state,” said State Sen. Ben Watson (R-Savannah). “There is a great plan from the Department of Community Health and an automated way to get help for those on Medicaid and get them in.”

Just this week, Governor Kemp announced three point five million dollars to help nursing programs and reduce waiting lists, and increase the ability of students to graduate more healthcare professionals.

“Labour is a challenge in any industry like healthcare, logistics or hospitality, but labor is a problem,” Rep. Westbrook said.

State lawmakers have introduced about 150 bills this session alone to put health care first, including those aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs and reducing surprise billing.


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