Illinois State Police Congratulates New Soldiers With Cadet Class 141 Graduation

ISP has added 428 new soldiers since 2019

SPRINGFIELD, IL-(Effingham Radio)-The Illinois State Police today welcomed 11 new soldiers from Cadet Class 141, an additional class, at a graduation ceremony at the Illinois State Police Academy in Springfield. The new soldiers will report to seven different troops across the state on Sunday, March 26, 2023. The total number of ISP soldiers added since 2019 now stands at 428.

Cadet Class 141 marks the 12th graduation of the Cadet Class under Governor JB Pritzker. The Governor’s fiscal year 2023 budget for ISPs is the largest in ISP history and allows for an additional 300 new soldiers.

“These 11 men and women already answered a call to duty when they began their careers in law enforcement, and I am grateful for their continued service and their decision to continue their work in the police force of the State of Illinois,” Governor JB Pritzker said. “I’ve invested in the largest FAI budget in state history because I know the work these soldiers do every day is critical to a safe and functioning state, and I’m thrilled to welcome 11 new members in these important ranks.”

Cadet Class 141 was an additional class in the Side Entry Training Program (LETP). To be eligible for the LETP, candidates must be a certified police officer who graduated from an accredited law enforcement academy and have at least two years of experience as a full-time sworn police officer.

“ISP continues to expand its ranks with brave men and women who accept the challenge of becoming a state trooper,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly. “Cadet Class 141 consists of soldiers who were law enforcement officers with other agencies. Their prior experience combined with comprehensive training through the ISP Academy has allowed ISP to reintegrate experienced and highly skilled soldiers into communities more quickly. »

LETP is focused on recruiting current law enforcement officers to expedite the number of sworn soldiers, which will provide increased security for Illinois citizens.

The 11 new soldiers underwent a demanding 11-week program of physical and classroom training, which included training in cultural diversity, procedural justice, domestic violence, critical incident response, tactics of de-escalation, firearms, first responder certification, control and arrest tactics. , Illinois Vehicle Code, Criminal Law, Motor Carrier Safety, Juvenile Law, etc.

In addition to the Academy’s 11-week training, soldiers are required to participate in one-on-one mentorship with field training officers as part of a 14-week field training program, bringing their training total at 25 weeks. Soldiers who successfully complete the field training program advance to solo patrol status.

LETP condenses in-person training at the Academy for former law enforcement officers to five weeks with no more than three consecutive in-person weeks. Cadets report to the Academy during the first three weeks of the Basic Training Program for an introduction to ISP cadet life. Cadets then undergo training at regional sites across the state with the option of returning to their residence at the end of each workday. Cadets are required to return to the Academy for specific training such as the Emergency Vehicle Operations course. Additionally, Cadets graduating from the Lateral Program are NOT required to move their residence upon graduation.

New officers are assigned to the following areas of the state and will immediately begin their patrol duties.

Troop 3 Lockport, 1 Troop Cadet 4 Metamora, 2 Troop Cadet 5 Pontiac, 1 Troop Cadet 6 Springfield, 1 Troop Cadet 7 Pesotum, 1 Troop Cadet 8 Collinsville, 2 Troop Cadet 10 DuQuoin, 3 Cadets

The ISP Academy is one of the most respected and recognized training centers in the country. Dozens of law enforcement agencies use the ISP Academy curriculum to meet standards set by the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board of Illinois. Last year, PSI Academy became the first academy in the nation to adopt the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s “Ten Shared Principles.”

Anyone interested in joining the ranks of the Illinois State Police is encouraged to visit the Illinois State Police Merit Board (ISPMB) website at www.illinoistrooper .com for application information.


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