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Venice Film Festival Jury President Julianne Moore this afternoon stressed the importance of keeping art in mind when discussing the future of cinema.

The actress, who won the Volpi Cup here in 2002, spoke during the opening press conference of the event Far from heavenAsked about the age of streaming, he said: “I feel like the discussion about the future of cinema so often turns into a discussion that’s more commercial and business-centric. For me, what is created is above all, what do we continue to do, how can we absorb it, observe it, live with it? There will always be different delivery systems.” The world is always changing, she added, “but art doesn’t change… People are always finding new ways to tell stories.”

She later reiterated, “It’s so exciting when you see a brand new filmmaker, actor, writer… When we talk about the future of cinema, it often degrades to the future of the business. That is not the future of art.”

Moore also emphasized the importance of curation: “It’s people who bring together this extraordinary work for us all to discover,” and recalled that the first curator she ever met was the programmer at the local cinema where she grew up in Juneau, Alaska.

Intermingled with watching Disney movies, she discovered John Cassavetes at the age of 10 Minnie and Moskowitz and thought, “To see that and to say, ‘What is this world out there and how do I fit in?’ That’s the most important part of filmmaking and filmmaking to me. It is so important to come to Venice where there has been this curation and tremendous learning opportunity.”

Of her jury duties, Moore recalled first coming to Venice in 1986 when she was “an actress in a soap opera” (played As the world turns‘ Frannie Hughes) and laughed, “If I had known then that I was going to be president of the jury, I would have fallen into the canal.”

A recurring theme here over the last few days has been the importance of international film, and Moore said she finds it “extremely satisfying to see films in other languages… Just looking at people and their situations is inspirational and makes you happy feeling closer.” During the festival, she added, “I have no idea what to expect … Not knowing what you’re going to see” is “electrifying”.

Joining Moore on the main jury are Argentine director Mariano Cohn, Italian director Leonardo Di Costanzo, French director and 2021 Golden Lion winner Audrey Diwan, Iranian actress Leila Hatami, Japanese-British writer Kazuo Ishiguro and Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyen .

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