Market Celebrates Artificial Intelligence (Video)

Bahadir Eroglu

Having attended the Fed conference in Richmond as mentioned in my last article, I would like to gather some insights on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) as it had an amazing surge yesterday and continues its trend today. I continue to be blown away by sentiment over the surge in Nvidia (NVDA) and NASDAQ valuations. And for the record, I don’t usually write in depth in this area, so forgive the omissions, but listen to the context.

Link to video background

Talking AI, LLMs (Concept Elemental)

Artificial intelligence prompted Citigroup strategists to upgrade technology stocks to “overweight”. They upgraded US stocks to neutral overall on anticipation of AI, the expected end of Fed rate hikes and robust American economic growth versus China and Europe.

Tech Rally (Bloomberg)

Higher added value? (WSJ)

Nvidia dominates (Seeking Alpha)


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