Michigan Medicaid recipients must update information for re-determination

PONTIAC, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – More than three million people are currently enrolled in Michigan’s Public Health Emergency Benefits program, but members are encouraged to log on to MI Bridges to update their information for the new Medicaid determination.

“You can update demographic information, you can update how to contact you, if you’ve moved during the pandemic, if you have a new phone number, MI Bridges is key to ensuring you can maintain your eligibility , like as long as you are still available for the plan,” said McLaren Health Plan Vice President of Strategic Business Operations Jeff Romback.

Medicaid recipients are due to renew their coverage this year, and officials are working to spread the word.

During the pandemic, Medicaid benefits were extended to all medical assistance programs, increasing the state’s caseload by 700,000.

Now, with those benefits ending in May, enrollees who are no longer eligible will receive information about affordable health coverage plans.

β€œAt this point, you know there is a separation between eligibility and overall plan funding, so members are going to have to go out and update their MI bridge information, so the state can take a look and make sure you’re still eligible or move on to another plan that might work for you, so it might be a market plan through the Affordable Care Act or it might be Medicare if you are otherwise eligible,” Romback said.

Members are required to update their contact information and household income.

If you receive a renewal package in the mail, be sure to sign, complete and return it before the due date. If you are no longer eligible for Medicaid, there are plans available for less than $10 per month for eligible applicants.

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