Ohio man who told police to be ‘faster’ wasn’t fast enough to avoid arrest

Adam Conn and Mark Feuerborn

8 minutes ago

NEWARK, Ohio (WCMH) — After being taunted by a convicted felon who evaded capture, Newark police have finally had the final say after a six-week search for him.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Tanner Rhinehart, Newark, 20, after he failed to appear for his sentencing hearing in April for a probation violation. Rhinehart had been on the run since then, but the Newark Police Division announced Wednesday that it had tracked down and arrested Rhinehart.

Tanner Rhinehart, who eluded capture for nearly six weeks, was arrested by Newark police on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. (Courtesy Newark Police Division)Tanner Rhinehart. (Courtesy of Licking County Sheriff’s Office)

When Newark police previously posted a message on Facebook asking for help in locating Rhinehart, the 20-year-old took the opportunity to tease them. He referenced a seemingly close call he had earlier while they were looking for him.

“You almost got (me) the other day, you must be faster than this (sic),” Rhinehart wrote.

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Rhinehart, however, attempted to negotiate with the officers who were looking for him further down in the comments to this post.

“What will I get (sic) if I surrender,” Rhinehart wrote. “They give me a pretty good deal so I can indulge.”

The original message from the Newark Police Division, to which Tanner Rhinehart replied. (Courtesy of Graphic/Newark Police Division) Tanner Rhinehart tells Newark Police Division to be quicker to find him. (Courtesy of Graphic/Newark Division of Police) Tanner Rhinehart asks what he will get if he surrenders. Other Facebook users reacted. (Courtesy of the Graphic/Newark Police Division)

Rhinehart’s probation violation stemmed from a charge of non-compliance by an officer on February 26, 2023. He was originally sentenced to a one-year probation term in a November 2021 case where he was found guilty of receiving stolen property, according to the Licking County Municipal Court Registry.

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Rhinehart was arrested, then bailed out for breach of charge. In court, he admitted the probation violation, records show. After he failed to show up for sentencing on April 13, the judge then issued a warrant for his arrest the next day with $10,000 cash bond attached.

The final message from the Newark PD following the arrest of Tanner Rhinehart. (Courtesy of the Graphic/Newark Police Division)

Eight days after mocking officers searching for him on social media, Rhinehart was in police custody. Newark police confirmed his capture on the same Facebook page he taunted them on. This time they also tagged his Facebook profile.

“Mr. Rhinehart thought jumping into the river would evade capture; however, he was mistaken and was taken into custody without further incident,” the Newark Police Division wrote.


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