Protect, Prepare, Prioritize: A Call to Action for Climate and Children – World



With the current and accelerating climate crisis, every child on every continent is exposed to more frequent, severe and destructive climate hazards, including air pollution, water scarcity, heat waves, vector-borne diseases, cyclones, and river and coastal flooding.

There is only a short window of time to avoid the worst of the climate crisis, and governments urgently need to make rapid and ambitious emission reductions to ensure a livable planet for all.

However, some impacts of climate change are now unavoidable and irreversible.

To save and protect lives immediately, we must build the resilience of all children and young people to the effects of a crisis they did not create.

UNICEF urges all governments, businesses and decision makers to PROTECT the health, safety, education and opportunity of every child by adapting the critical social services they depend on to prepare children and youth for life in a climate impacted world PREPARING for a changing world Improving their “adaptability” and prioritizing children and youth in climate finance and resources.

Read UNICEF’s global call to action; Protect, Prepare, Prioritize – a call to action on climate and children was developed in partnership with the Global Center on Adaptation to learn more.

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