Quintennial Agricultural Census asks questions about hemp, internet use, and other topics

According to a USDA press release, some changes are coming to the Agricultural Census, a survey of US farmers and ranchers conducted every five years by the US Department of Agriculture.

For one, the USDA has a new web portal designed to make participation easier, especially for those with patchy internet or limited time who cannot complete the entire survey in one go.

The agency’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, which conducts the census, invited about 15,000 farmers to try out the portal in January to iron out any bugs.

Additionally, the 2022 questionnaire will include new questions on the use of precision farming, hemp production, hair sheep, and internet access updates.

NASS will send a letter to participating farmers encouraging them to complete the November census online. The agency sends out the paper questionnaire in December. Registrations for the census ended June 30, but registrations were only required for those who did not participate in the 2017 census and are not on the lists to receive mail or email for other USDA surveys or censuses.

Farms of all sizes that produced and sold $1,000 or more worth of farm products in 2022 (or would normally have done so) are eligible to participate. The survey has been conducted for more than 180 years and remains the only source of comprehensive and impartial agricultural data for every state and county.

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