Residents at the mobile home park in north Las Vegas anticipate the eviction

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A longtime RV park is closing. Nearly 100 families in north Las Vegas have been notified they must relocate from Pair A Dice Senior Mobile Home Park.

“It’s hard not to have a home,” said resident Yvonne Gomez.

Residents told Channel 13 they were told to vacate the property by June 2.

“You can’t just rent an apartment anymore,” said resident Traci Triplett.

Some residents of the RV park said they were unable to find new housing. A notice was sent to residents last November notifying them of the park’s closure and advising they had 180 days to leave the park. Most of the residents have a steady income and said the takeovers and other compensation offered were not enough to cover the cost of the move.

In a statement to Channel 13, a representative for the park owner detailed the ongoing outreach and the support offered. It says in part, “Agora Realty continues to work proactively with residents.”

Randy Reinoso, deputy director of the Clark County Department of Human Services, confirmed that his agency has been helping local residents. He said they have contacted almost all park residents and found solutions on a case-by-case basis. Reinoso said the county made housing recommendations to some residents in need and paid the first and last month’s rent.

“Our goal is to bring people to a place where they can be safe and thrive and have a roof over their heads,” Reinoso said.

Some residents think that the help is not enough.

“It’s just frustrating and renting an apartment at my age is even harder,” Gomez said.

Part of the park has already been demolished and about 15 residents still live in the RV park. Some said they were fighting to stay.

“I’ll be the last one here,” said resident James Houchin.

He added that he is speaking to a lawyer.

“You can take a claw and stick it through the trailer if you want, but I’ll sit in the chair and watch TV,” Houchin said.

The county said it helped around 45 families find new housing. They say they will continue to provide resources for as long as residents need them.


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