REVIEW: Try Storybook Treats’ Part of Your World Soft Serve at Magic Kingdom

The new Part of Your World soft serve ice cream was first introduced at Storybook Treats at Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.

Part of Your World Soft Serve – $6.29

DOLE Whip ® Strawberry and Purple Cheesecake Soft Serve, topped with white chocolate crisp pearls and a chocolate shell, served in a blue waffle cone.

We were very pleasantly surprised at how aesthetically pleasing the Little Mermaid-inspired treats looked.

Although the treat is called “Part of Your World”, the colors are reminiscent of Ursula.

The Strawberry Dole Whip was nice and refreshing and just what you would expect from a Strawberry Flavored Dole Whip.

Unfortunately, it was completely overwhelmed by the Purple Cheesecake soft serve. The purple cheesecake soft serve didn’t taste particularly like cheesecake either. Instead, it had a strong artificial flavor that tasted like food coloring.

The purple cheesecake portion of the treat will stain. So be careful when wearing a bright outfit or giving it to young children.

The White Chocolate Crisp Pearls tasted a little strange on an ice cream cone. We’ve seen Disney add this to many of their cupcakes as an extra touch, which was fine — however, it was too much on the ice.

The shell was made from plain white chocolate. It didn’t add anything special to the treat other than being visually appealing.

The blue waffle was just a regular tasting waffle cone.

We were confused when they handed us this waffle because it didn’t look anything like the photo on the Storybook Treats counter. The colors were different and so were the shells. Apparently they have a selection of randomly chosen seashells that they put on the ice.

All in all, apart from being pretty, it didn’t “impress” us. We didn’t want this treat to be part of our world.

Will you try this new The Little Mermaid inspired ice cream cone? Let us know in the comments.

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