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Brad Sweet and Peter Eichar, co-founders of the Same Same But Different Festival, worked together as musicians for years and shared an affinity for music festivals.

The pair had participated in other major music events around the country and felt that Southern California’s massive festival scene lacked a deeper sense of community.

“We didn’t intend to put on a mega festival,” Sweet said in a recent phone interview ahead of the festival’s fourth annual run on September 8-11 at Moreno Beach in Lake Perris State Park. “We want to keep our festival intimate and a special experience in our community.”

In 2018, Sweet and Eichar decided to throw their own party and hosted a crowd of just a few hundred people, made up mostly of friends and other musicians, but it quickly grew into something bigger.

“The first few days were a lot of fun and we never expected it to grow like this,” Sweet said, as the festival now attracts a few thousand guests but remains an intimate affair. “We were surprised how many people wanted to come back.”

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This year’s multi-day festival features a musical lineup that spans a variety of sounds from jam and funk bands to EDM artists. Aside from the music, Sweet said they wanted to incorporate elements they’d experienced at festivals in parts of the Midwest and included things like yoga workshops, meditation, and hula-hoop classes.

“We think it’s important to have options when you go to a music festival,” he said. “It’s just another element that makes for a lot of fun at the weekend.”

Here’s what you need to know as you head out to Same Same But Different. Visit ssbdfest.com for the latest entertainment, ticket information and more.

Don’t miss a beat

Same Same But Different will feature more than 60 musical acts including American funk band Vulfpeck, British composer and trip-hop DJ Tipper, Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo and Griz, a Michigan DJ known for Playing the saxophone to his funk and electro-soul beats.

“We tried to curate the lineup so that it flows in a direction where the energy flows from the beach party in the day, through the main stages at night, to the energy blast with the headliners, and then back to the beach parties, the running until 4 a.m. builds up.” Suess explains.

The music is also non-stop thanks to changing stages and there is no competition as the artists don’t overlap.

“Nobody needs to miss an act they’ve been looking forward to,” he added.

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