Sportsbooks want mobile options in Maryland as football season approaches

Nine months after Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan placed the state’s first-ever legal in-person sports bet, mobile betting has yet to catch up.

“We’re behind,” Hogan said back in December 2021. “People have been betting in other states and neighboring places, and now they can finally do it right at home.”

But now there seems to be a renewed sense of urgency as another football season begins.

in one Letter The regulators, sent out late last week, urged Maryland lawmakers to substantially speed things up, and Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC) Chairman Thomas Brandt wrote: “After a lot of work, we’re almost there , but we need your help.”

The letter was addressed to members of the Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review (AELR), one of several governing bodies involved in enacting the state’s complex sports betting legislation.

Brandt continued, “The sports betting industry is ‘seasonal’ and the football season (September through February’s Super Bowl) generates much more activity annually than at other times of the year.”

“As a bettor, it’s frustrating,” said well-known professional player Jack Andrews “We’ve seen in other states that 85% of betting is done through mobile betting.”

He’s not the only one comparing Maryland’s flawed rollout to other states. In a June LetterHogan wrote, “Marylanders have grown increasingly frustrated with mobile sports betting as they have watched it become available state by state across the country.”

Also in one article For iGaming Next, Ryan Butler said, “Maryland’s mobile sports betting rollout schedule has already outrun any of the 20+ other states that have approved nationwide online betting.”

“Not everyone wants to go to every other casino and place their bets,” Andrews added. “They want the variety of betting in the palm of their hand. So the fact that Maryland is somehow keeping this up and taking its time is definitely having an impact on bettors looking to put their money on college football and NFL football. “

FOX 5 reached out to representatives from AELR for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

A SWARC meeting is planned for Friday morning where mobile betting can be discussed.

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