The 12-year-old Boise describes some of the most famous automobiles in the world

BOISE, Idaho – Tom Selleck’s Ferrari, Metallica’s James Hetfield’s Auburn and Henry Ford’s Ferrari – a trio of big name cars – all have something in common. Not only are they iconic, but they were detailed by a 12-year-old here in Boise.

Steven Thompson is the youngest detailer in the world to receive his Certified Detailer certification from the International Detailing Association. He told KTVB that his passion started at an even younger age.

“My dad started his business two months before I was born,” Steven said. “So, I was about a couple of months old and I was just — my mum carried me — and I just saw my dad cleaning.”

That set the wheels in motion and Steven followed in his father Steve Thompson’s footsteps.

“When I turned 5, he actually handed me the pressure washer,” Steven said. “‘Go on, wash it.'”

Steven’s father also encouraged him to improve his skills and earn his professional automotive detailing certification from the International Detailing Association.

“To my surprise, he did. So for me I’m very proud of him as a father, as a detailer, I just hate him a little bit,” said Steve Thompson, laughing. “He passed that test and validated his skills. He then had himself certified by SONAX. So when he got that accreditation, he became more accredited than me – and I’ve been in the industry for 20 years.”

Since earning this certification Steven has met some of the biggest names in the detailing and reconditioning industry which has opened doors for the 12 year old as he has worked on some of the most iconic cars in the world.

“We met a gentleman in Florida named Rego Santana, and he’s one of the three USA Master Trainers at SONAX,” said Steve Thompson. “He contacted, you know, SONAX and FLEX and the Petersen Museum, and they invited him to train at Laguna Hills for a week.”

Steven said he’s worked on “Steve McQueen’s Jaguar, the GT40 MarkIII and a Porsche.”

At the end of April, Steven’s skills will soar to new heights.

“I’m doing Ronald Reagan’s Air Force One,” Steven said.

Steven is traveling to New York for his next big hit and told KTVB he is currently raising funds for the trip. He raises money by washing cars, but Steven also wants to teach other kids how to do details.

If you are interested in learning more or in contacting Steven you can do so by clicking here.

Steve Thompson also said his son is most likely the only SONAX authorized detailer in Gem State – quite an achievement for a 12 year old!

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