World Cup Houston: Dynamo FC owners and Harris County Athletic Department pledge football fields in time for 2026

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) — If Houston hosts multiple World Cup games in 2026, most of our city residents will not be among the 70,000 fans at NRG Stadium for the games. However, on Wednesday at the Houston Sports Park, we were reminded that even without a ticket, any family in our community can be impacted by the World Cup in Houston.

Don Garber, who has served as Major League Soccer’s commissioner for nearly 25 years, says the World Cup will serve as “rocket fuel” to boost the game of soccer both in our city and in our country.

“Everyone involved in the game will really benefit that we have this rocket fuel that will give the entire sport a boost of energy and a special set of moments at every level,” Garber said. “So many people love the game, play the game and follow teams and leagues, whether it’s in MLS or teams and leagues and clubs around the world. And now we have the opportunity to connect all these dots. I think people who have never seen and experienced a World Cup will see something they could never have imagined.”

Garber was joined by Harris County-Houston Sports Authority’s Janis Burke and Houston Dynamo and Dash owner Ted Segal. They say that as part of our city hosting the 2026 World Cup, additional soccer fields will be built at Houston Sports Park and throughout Harris County so that every youth in the area who wants to play soccer can have access to the game.

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“It’s the most diverse community in America and a global sport, so there are a lot of kids out there that want to play but don’t get a chance,” Burke said. “So we’re going to expand that. We want to make sure that every child, who may not have a parent who can drive them, can walk to a soccer field so they can play.”

“All of us involved in the game, many of us in sports, are doing what we can to connect the game to underserved communities,” Garber added. “And when you have a big event, you have an opportunity to get down to the grassroots and make a difference.”

“At the Dynamo and Dash, we intend to make the most of the 2026 World Cup and ensure our fans in Houston are in the know. We’re the destination for top-flight football,” said Segal.

Burke says funding for the construction of youth pitches will come from private donations as well as funds from the United States Soccer Federation.

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