You’re wrong about asking for book recommendations on the internet

To find a good book, start by clarifying your question.

As a person who has worked in public libraries for almost 30 years, I want to share a secret with you. Librarians have many secrets, but this is the kind of secret that helps others when it’s revealed. In fact, we should probably remove it from the Library Secrets list (Dewey #020 Library and Information Sciences) and put it back under Info for the Public Good (Dewey #613 Promotion of health).

Here’s the juice: you’re wrong about asking about books.

More specifically, you are asking for books wrong on the internet. People who visit real libraries tend to have a different vibe, so we can easily target them. The inquiry is an opportunity to start a conversation about books that most librarians are quite passionate about. The problem I want to address, like so many other ills in the modern world, is an online invention. It looks like this:

“What is a good book to read?”

My goodness, what a terrible question. This is textbook self-harm. It is masochism masquerading as a question. You are almost certain to get nothing but wrong answers.

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